Mukesh Luthra on Benefits of Mutual Fund Investment

There are numerous types of investment options available to us in the market, and it has always been the case- every investment option has its own risks and advantages. Every investment market goes through Ups and Downs, adds . We can pretty much say the same about the investments in mutual funds; however, the level of risk in such a mutual fund is quite less than the risk of direct stock investment. The mutual fund is a form of collective investments, which in further steps utilizes the money to purchase further stocks. The value of these stocks decides the increment or decrement in the price of the fund value. There are both cons and pros of the investment in mutual funds. This article however, focuses on investment benefits only. Typically, the biggest benefit and the assuring part about the investment in mutual funds is that you know your investment is being used by a professional in this field. That expert then uses your investment along with investment of other clients to purchase stocks as per his market analysis. In direct investments, you actually risk your money on your amateur knowledge of the market, a general gut feeling, and based on your market research you actually get from a magazine or newspaper. The mutual fund investments differ in this way as instead of your gut feeling, in this way, the investment is done by extended research of a whole organization. It is a good idea to look at the previous records of the mutual fund you are willing to invest in. adds further that before you actually invest in a mutual fund, first find out what other investors have to say about the fund. For the investors who are tight with their budget, mutual funds are the best option as this investment method has the liquidity to meet their needs. This is one big plus for mutual funds on investment benefits. Small investors can invest their money much comfortably as they can always liquidize the money easily and get cash back if they ever need it in urgency. In many other ways of investments (mostly the low risk investments), you need to put your money in the investment cycle for a long duration, and you cannot take it back instantly. One other big benefit of the mutual fund investments is the ease of diversification. It refers to diverse your investments in different things instead of putting everything in just one sector. With your mutual fund investment, you can quickly manage your investment in different bonds, stocks, and commodities.

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If You Think You Understand Diamonds, Then Read This

Modern Day Fashion Trends Using Diamond Jewelries There is a variety of reason why the saying ” diamond is a girl’s best friends ” can be considered true. This is the kind of precious stone that will make any woman go weak and wants to have. With a diamond that is cut in a perfect manner and clarity like the ones at Mervis Diamonds, you will be able to put a delightful smile on her face that will leave her speechless. No other precious stones will perfectly fit to any occasion such as birthdays, festivals, weddings and anniversaries like a diamond does. A diamond jewelry is the most elegant and perfect gift that you can give to the woman of your life. Gold jewelries and accessories are not the fancy of women anymore. Gold will inevitably lost its claim if you are going to compare it with the elegance of an exquisite diamond jewelry. Today, gold is not that in anymore and diamond is trending more and more every day. No matter how people argue about the importance of a diamond’s 4C (diamond clarity, diamond carat weight, diamond cut, and diamond color), beauty is still the undisputed measure when it comes to judging this jewelry. Any diamond pieces should have the three qualities which are the Brilliance, Life And Fire. The rainbow effect that is produced by a diamond as light dispersed in it is the fire quality of a diamond. Life quality ccan be measured by the sparkle that the diamond emits as you bring it closer to take a good look.
The Beginner’s Guide to Fashions
On the other hand, brightness level from the white light that the diamond reflects as it stays still in a room is considered to be its brilliance. There are ice diamonds which are of much inferior quality compared to the fire diamonds since these ice diamonds are loose diamonds. For the very reason that these diamonds have an ice effect instead of the “fire” quality, they come in a much deeper price compared to the fire diamonds.
6 Facts About Fashions Everyone Thinks Are True
One of the most popular type of accessories within Indian market segments is a diamond ring. Due to the fact that a diameter is given as a sign of commitment it is considered to be an accessory with utmost emotional value especially during occasions of the heart such as weddings and engagements. It is also a type of accessory that every woman considers as an important collection in her vanity box. Every type of diamond jewelry such as a diamond ring has a lot of cut that is perfectly designed by trusted jewelers like Mervis Diamonds in order to capture a woman’s heart at first glance.

General Investment Company Ltd – Company Capsule


“General Investment Company Ltd – Company Capsule” contains in depth information and data about the company and its operations. The profile contains a company overview, key facts, major products and services, financial ratios, key competitors, financial analysis as well as key employees


This report is a crucial resource for industry executives and anyone looking to access key information about “General Investment Company Ltd”

The report utilizes a wide range of primary and secondary sources, which are analyzed and presented in a consistent and easily accessible format. Canadean strictly follows a standardized research methodology to ensure high levels of data quality and these characteristics guarantee a unique report.


Identifies crucial company information about “General Investment Company Ltd” along with major products and services for business intelligence requirements.
Provides analysis on financial ratios.
Identifies key employees to assist with key business decisions.
Provides annual and interim financial ratios.

Reasons To Buy

Enhance your understanding of “General Investment Company Ltd”
Increase business/sales activities by understanding customers businesses better.
Recognize potential partnerships and suppliers.
Qualify prospective partners, affiliates or suppliers.
Acquire up-to-date company information and an understanding of the companys financial health.

Key Highlights

General Investment Company Ltd (GIC) is an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages producer and marketer based in Jordan. The company’s product portfolio includes beer brands such as Amstel, Henninger, Petra and Philadelphia and soft drink brands such as Bitter Lemon, Apple Fizz, Tonic Water, Grenadine Fizz and Soda Water among others. It was founded in 1955. GIC is headquartered in Amman, Jordan.

Table of Contents

1 Business Analysis
1.1 Company Overview
1.2 Major Products and Services
2 Analysis of Key Performance Indicators
2.1 Five Year Snapshot: Overview of Financial and Operational Performance Indicators
2.2 Key Financial Performance Indicators
2.2.1 Revenue and Operating Profit
2.2.2 Asset and Liabilities
2.2.3 Operational Efficiency
2.2.4 Solvency
2.2.5 Valuation
2.3 Key Competitors
3 Key Employees
4 Appendix
4.1 Methodology
4.2 Ratio Definitions
4.3 Disclaimer

List of Tables

Table 1: Major Products and Services
Table 2: Key Ratios – Annual
Table 3: Key Ratios – Interim
Table 4: Key Capital Market Indicators
Table 5: Key Employees

List of Figures

Figure 1: Revenue and Operating Profit
Figure 2: Financial Position
Figure 3: Operational Efficiency
Figure 4: Solvency
Figure 5: Valuation

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Thai Real Estate Investment Soared On Back Of Property Fund Activity

KTAM Aims to Become Thailand’s Leading Property Fund,Increasing Assets Under Management to 11.3 Billion

The Bangkok Post reported on Thursday, 22 February that real estate investment in Thailand soared by 81.8 percent to $2 billion (1.3 billion)in 2012, nearly double the $1.1 billion (720 million) in 2011, as property funds markedly increased their investment activity.

According to property consultant DTZ, Thailand’s real estate market was boosted by the listing of major property funds and a high number of acquisitions, particularly in the office and hotel sectors. Some $1.1 billion (720 million), or 55 percent of total real estate investment, came from transactions by real estate funds or public funds for public offerings (PFPOs).

Investment activity received a major boost from the listing of Tesco Lotus Retail Growth Freehold and Leasehold (TLGF) in the beginning of January 2012, which proved to bethe largest property fund listing for the year. The $594-million (389 million) fund purchased 17 Tesco Lotus shopping malls in prime locations across Thailand in a deal which by itself exceeded half of the real estate investments in the country in 2011.

Other notable property fund investments in 2012 included the purchase during the first quarter of three serviced apartment complexesand residences for $106 million (69 million) by the listed Land and Houses Freehold and Leasehold Property Fund (LHPF). Additionally, the Quality Houses Hotel and Residence Freehold and Leasehold Property Fund (QHHR) bought three Centre Point serviced apartments in the third quarter, for some $107 million (70 million).

KTAM Eyes Real Estate Market

Krung Thai Asset Management (KTAM) has the ambition to lead the market in property funds and,more specifically, to increase its assets under management by 20 percent in 2013 to 516 billion baht (11.3 billion), said chief executive officer Somchai Boonnamsiri, citing the positive overall investment climate.

The Bangkok Post reports that Thai billionaire Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi plans to raise funds through the funds managed by KTAM, with the subsequent capital increase being dedicated to turning KTAM into the global leader of this type of fund.

KTAM is considering entering new markets including Mexico, Brazil and some European countries. Annualised return for short-term investments in these regions is forecast at 3.5 percent or about one percent higher than returns in the Thai domestic market.

The Thai fund intends to boost the capital of property funds under the direction Sirivadhanabhakdi’s TCC group to as high as 50 billion baht (1.1 billion) this year. The fund also plans to launch ETFs on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in sectors such as food, energy, ICT and the commercial sector.

2013 will be the last year in which Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission will allow investments in what has been known as property type 1, with introduction a new type of property fund, the internationally recognised real estate investment trust, set to replace the old structure.

Are Your Favorite Online Shopping Sites PCI Compliant

Are Your Favorite Sites PCI Certified?

You might have heard a lot about PCI scanning and compliance lately. You might have even taken all the steps you need in order to ensure that your website is PCI certified. But, I’m curious about something. Are the web sites you’re shopping on PCI certified? This is something that should be important to you as an online shopper, to be sure that your personal information, such as social security numbers, account numbers, etc. is secure and safe. One of the ways to be sure, is if the website you are shopping on has been PCI certified.

Being PCI certified means that the website complies with what’s required by the PCI DSS. Requirements include creating and maintaining a secured network, protecting cardholder data, cultivating a vulnerability management program, regularly monitoring and testing networks, and creating and following through with a privacy policy. In addition to those things, the web site should implement PCI vulnerability scans on a daily or at least quarterly basis. PCI vulnerability scans perform tests that make certain there aren’t any vulnerabilities or threats on the website to cause customer information to be available to online predators and hackers.

You might be wondering how to determine if a web site that you shop on is PCI certified. An easy way to tell is by looking for trust marks posted on the web site. Trust seals are small images, that confirm that the site was verified by a third party, and is PCI certified. It is important to look for website trust seals when online shopping as a defence against online theives.

It’s a no-brainer that internet shopping means that you need to use caution. Do your homework and be on the look out for current trust seals. Be certain the web sites you’re shopping on are verified by a third party, and that they follow PCI compliance. Don’t allow your personal information to fall into the wrong hands. Make sure that you are only doing business with PCI certified sites.

Learning The Secrets About Technology

A Guide to Cloud Storage

Cloud storages are now becoming very popular, and probably 1 out of 5 people do not know what cloud storage is, but the 4 people who do know what it is probably do not use cloud storage or if they do, are probably not using it correctly. What is cloud storage? What does it do? Why do I need to use it? Is what a lot of people ask themselves when it comes to cloud storages; this guide will help those people answer all these questions. The nice thing about cloud storages is that it can use any kind of operating systems just as long as people have a device that supports the operating system. Once you finish reading this article, you will probably know about the cloud storage more than before you read it; so here are some essential basics that you need to know about the cloud storage.

The reason why cloud storage has become so popular and has a million of users around the world is because it allows the user to store data so that they can access it from any other device almost instantly. Another thing cloud storages can do is that they have a fantastic way of helping people share information and all kinds of media across devices, not only that, but they can also hold certain files as backup.

Cloud storages are good because it allows a person to be able to back up his or her phone or laptop device without having to do it the long and hard way that people without the cloud storages have to do; and so now it is very easy for them to back up their operating system. A great benefit that comes with cloud storages is that you can restore your backup files without the need of a computer, and so that basically means that you can restore your backups anytime, anywhere.
If You Think You Understand Options, Then This Might Change Your Mind

Another great feature about cloud storages is that if it is connected to the device, then it can track it down and find the location of where your phone or laptop is, it will show a map that can locate where the device currently is, so it is now very easy to find if in case the device gets lost. Not only can a person find his or her phone’s location through cloud storage, but he or she can also play with it through the cloud storage; meaning that they can display a message on the device’s screen, they can make it sound even if the device is on silent, they can change the password, or wipe out all the contents in the device just by using cloud storage.Why People Think Storage Are A Good Idea

Bose LifeStyle V35 Home Theater Review

Home theater is all you need when you want if you want to enjoy yourself, watching movies together with your whole family members. It is important for you to purchase a home theater device as bose lifestyle v35, which does provide every feature you need of a family’s entertainment source. The bose v35 is a home theater system that is manufactured by Bose using production code v35. Similar to other home theater brands, this home theater is also equipped with an AV receiver and three speakers (they are Active subwoofer, Satellite speaker, and the Center channel speaker). By using such items, it can present real sound system experience.
The bose v35 is mostly suitable for those who own iPhone or and iPod, due to its iPhone and iPod cradle. Other features can be purchased in this sound system; they are stereo sound output method, surround sound effects, Dolby Electronic digital 5. 1 and DTS decoder built-in, on-screen direction-finding and menu, treble in addition to bass controller, ADAPTiQ acustic calibration system, radio built-in, and much more. In general, Bose V35 is totally weighting at 58.2 pounds. Since it is equipped with the above top functions, this home theater method might cost loss capital than others.

Although bose v35 is necessary more money than other home theater brands, you probably cannot obtain the similar features in all those other brands. It’s commended for you to purchase this home theater system in online retailer or retailers, because you’ll be able to find the greatest deal. Since Bose LifeStyle V35 is a popular home theater system, you can find many online reviews, that are also providing price comparison offered by different on the net stores. In land-based electronic stores, it is priced at more than $3,500. While in online stores or retailers, you will get much lower prices ($3,200 or more), and sometimes some discounts.

The College Lifestyle Coaching Your Student to Success

As a parent, you may find it difficult when your child goes off to college. There is nothing wrong with that. Many parents find themselves in this situation. College is a big step for everyone in life and it’s great that you recognize the issue. Going off to college is a similar feeling to the first day of kindergarten or even high school. It’s just on a bigger scale.

College is a new way of life for both sides, parents and students. It’s a big change for students and there’s a lot of emphasis placed on the student adjusting to the college lifestyle. We overlook that parents need to adjust as well. It’s not always easy for the parent to send their child off to college. How the parent responds can be a huge impact on how the student adapts to their new lifestyle.

The biggest change is the students living on their own. They won’t have mom or dad to remind them to do their homework or clean their room or make the student’s food. All that lies within the responsibilities of the student. Now, the parent can choose to help influence the student’s lifestyle once he/she is away. You can act like a sideline coach to help push them in the right direction.

In sports, the coach is always on the sidelines directing players to the ultimate goal: to win. The coach can’t play for them, that lies with the players. Your role as college parent will be similar to this. You need to be able to “coach” the student to adjust, just as a coach wills his players to victory. The most important thing for a parent is to trust their student. They need to believe that their student can make the commitments to adapt to college life.

The coach’s role is not on the field but his present is essential on the sidelines. The coach acts as a guide, telling players what to do and to make any adjustments when something is wrong. They encourage when the players succeeds and teach them a lesson when they fall short.

Coaches play a huge role in every athlete. Even the professional athletes need their coaches to help guide them along the way. Coaches don’t have a physical presence during games, but they can influence the outcome in many ways. This role of a coach is important in the student/parent relationship during college. Your student may or may not have problems adjusting to college. As long as they have their “coach” to guide them, it can go a long way.

Digitalization Of Entertainment

Consumers have moved rapidly to adopting digital formats for consuming entertainment-related content. The most obvious example of this is music and video downloads, with Apple’sand YouTube as leading examples. Apple has sold more than one billion songs via its iTunes music store and it continues to demonstrate a spectacular rate of growth. Over 30,000,000 individuals have purchased an iPod portable music device, and tens of millions of other consumers use one of dozens of other portable devices to listen to music. Other platforms for listening to music are equally successful, and in the case of Microsoft’s Windows Media Player even more dominant with over 90,000,000 systems running the software globally. Real Networks Rhapsody, and Yahoo! Music represent other major entrants in this space. In addition to those companies selling licensed music downloads for a fee, peer-to-peer networks such as Limewire and Morpheus claim to have tens of millions of users sharing music and other files on a continual basis.

As consumers have become comfortable purchasing (and stealing) music online, they are now beginning to download other digital forms of entertainment, including music videos, short-subject films, television shows, and even full-length Hollywood pictures. Traditional media companies have recognized the opportunity to establish new revenue streams and leverage old assets by enabling consumers to download television programming for a fee, and the adoption rate appears to match the early days of The increasing penetration of broadband connections (over 50 million homes in the US), advances in software that enables high-quality downloads, and content companies recognizing an enormous opportunity to distribute directly and inexpensively to consumers has created a tidal shift in the number of digital media assets available for download to computers, handheld devices, and even cell phones.

Companies such as YouTube are at the forefront of the intersection of video entertainment and the fragmentation of media due to the empowerment of the consumer. Hundreds of millions of videos are downloaded weekly from YouTube (as well as dozens of competitors), and a significant portion of those videos are not professionally produced. More importantly, new talent in various entertainment fields are being discovered through these distribution platforms and forever changing how entertainment is conceived, produced, distributed, and valued.

Mobile Hair Makeup Artist Sydney Is the New Face of the Make Up Artists

Looking good is something that everybody on this planet wants in his life. The only barrier is the place from where this amazing thing can be achieved. In case the country is that of Australia and the city is that of Sydney then the issue gains a far much more importance than any thing. The people in the city of Sydney have this innate desire to celebrate life and each occasion that comes their way. Another thing that the people living in the city of Sydney wants is that they should look at their most beautiful. The city of Sydney is one of the most vibrant cities of the continent of Australia. The beautiful locations, the splendid night life and the other things like the one and the only coral reefs make this city all the more important city of the country. Another thing that really needs mentioning is that the people in the city really love to watch TV and movies. Thus the people who are involved in acting and other similar professions have to look good always. Even in their normal routine life they have to put that make up on in order to make sure that they look great. In such cases TV and Commercial makeup and hair artists are the first and the last resort.
The makeup artists in the city of Sydney have enough arrangements to make sure that the people who seek makeup and hair services in the Sydney Metropolitan and surrounding areas can instantly arrange to have it done in the comfort of their own home or venue stress free at an affordable price. Mobile Sydney hair makeup artists make sure that you get to look beautiful without even making the effort of leaving your front door.
If you are strapped for time and don’t have enough time on your hands to pay a visit to the salon then the mobile hair and makeup artist in Sydney is the ultimate solution. Catering for all ethnicities from the bright lights of Film, TV commercials, fashion catwalk runways, celebrities, red carpet, special events and bridal we are able to create the perfect look for you.

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